Modern recreational vehicles now boast an array of features and conveniences, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who crave both adventure and the comforts of home. For those looking to maximize interior space, the ‘slide-out system’ is a game-changer. At Jaeger-UniTek Sealing Solutions, we’ve engineered the comprehensive Flip ‘N Seal Slide-Out Sealing System to elevate your RV experience. This all-inclusive sealing solution comprises the renowned Flip ‘N Seal, AquaDiverter, StyleCap, FlushFloor Reinforcer, and Hidewire Technology to prevent water intrusion and protect your RV. 

Flip 'N Seal®

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The Original Flip 'N Seal®

While the “Slide-Out System” delivers an outstanding solution to maximize interior RV space, protecting the interior space from the outside elements creates a significant design engineering challenge. The sealing system plays a significant role in creating a watertight interior, minimizing temperature intrusions while delivering durability under dynamic and static loading conditions over a wide range of temperatures. 

By working closely with RV manufacturers in rapidly expanding the use of Jaeger Unitek Sealing Solutions Patented Flip ‘N Seal Slide-Out Sealing System®, together, we have met the complex application demands with Slide-Out sealing requirements. The results are a watertight seal, a one-part sealing solution vs. a two-piece design, lower installation costs during seal preparation and installation, and the elimination of warranty claims. For consumers, this translates into the growing use of RV slide-outs to create more interior space, protection from the outdoor elements, satisfaction and enjoyment in the great outdoors.

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The AquaDiverter®

Introducing the AquaDiverter – another innovation from Jaeger-UniTek Sealing Solutions. Designed to complement our revolutionary Flip ‘N Seal sealing system for RV slideout rooms, the AquaDiverter was designed to manage water intrusion on both gear and cable driven slide-out mechanisms. 

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The StyleCap®

As the latest addition to the comprehensive Flip ‘N Seal slide-out system, the StyleCap is poised to set new standards in 2024 models. Developed as an addition to the Flip ‘N Seal system, the StyleCap seamlessly combines a polished finish with enhanced sealing at slide-out corners, satisfying the demand for elevated consumer styling and superior sealing performance.

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The FlushFloor Reinforcer®

The FlushFloor Reinforcer is your high-strength, all-in-one solution for structural reinforcement during flush floor slide-out room transitions. 

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Wire Carrier

HideWire® Technology

Built upon the proven Flip ‘N Seal profile, the Flip ‘N Seal with HideWire Technology® goes a step further with the incorporation of a smart hook feature. Not only does it impeccably secure slide-out motor wire harnesses, but it also excels in concealing them, ensuring a sleek and tidy appearance. The HideWire Technology® takes installation processes to a new level, providing a seamless integration of form and function.


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Design and Material Features

Being the most versatile seal available, the Flip ‘N Seal® Slide-Out System fulfills the most demanding requirements at the OEM, distributer and with end users. Using the highest performing automotive engineered grade polymers in the industry and manufactured in an automotive IATF Certified manufacturing facility, the Flip ‘N Seal® slide-out sealing system provides the complete package of sealing solutions in the recreational vehicle industry.

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