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Automotive design engineers can significantly enhance the noise reduction capabilities of vehicles by adopting an effective sealing strategy that combines the use of high-quality materials with the “Mass Law” concept. With this approach, it’s not just a matter of sealing entry points, but also of reducing the penetration of noise through key vehicle locations.

At Jaeger-Unitek, we recognize the importance of effective noise reduction in vehicles, and we work closely with automotive design engineers to develop innovative sealing solutions that can help achieve this objective. By leveraging the latest materials and technologies, we are able to design custom solutions that effectively seal critical areas and minimize the penetration of noise into the cabin of the vehicle.

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Windshield Molding

Sunroof Garnish & Casing Pipes

B-Pillar Protector

Side Molding

Rear Grille

Trunk Lid Finisher

Backlite Molding

Bumper Spacer

Rocker Panel Spacer

Trunk Lid Finisher

Bumper spacers and protectors

Pillar weatherstripping

Accordion Style Extrusion

multi Durometer Extrusion

windshield molding

Casing pipe, sleeves and rigid belt encasements

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